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Message Date: 9/12/2019


We have begun updating the records of the 2019 Honor Men to KCCH and 33° in Sentinel. We have also begun printing and mailing to each Valley the updated cards for your new KCCH and 33° members. We print the cards according to the conferral date. For example, if a member is conferred on a later date such as October 1, we will not update his record and print the card until we are near that date.

Also, because we receive many regular card orders each week, these cards are printed at the same time that we print the cards for the newly elected Honor Men, so your shipment may contain cards for both groups.

If you have questions, please contact the Supreme Council Computer Services.

Message Date: 9/11/2019


The 2020 dues statements are due to be mailed the week of September 16. They were delayed this year due to the 2019 Biennial Session.

Message Date: 7/28/2019

Washington, DC, Power Outage!

Pepco, the power company serving Washington, DC, experienced an equipment failure on Saturday, July 27, which caused an interruption in Sentinel and email delivery. The system was offline from 5pm Saturday until 1pm Sunday. All service has now been restored.

Message Date: 7/22/2019


The annual "Rollover" of dues is completed. All membership dues' information in Sentinel will now include a balance due for 2020. We are in the process of reviewing the records, but we could use your help. Please spot-check records to ensure that the correct amount for 2020 is displaying in the member records.

Thank you!

Computer Services

Message Date: 7/17/2019


The 2020 membership cards have been shipped to each Valley. If your Valley has not already received your shipment, you may expect it any day.

The 2020 card print file was created on May 9; therefore, any member added as an initiate, reinstatement or affiliation after that date will not be included in your shipment. However, we are printing these addtional cards in-house and will mail them to each Valley.


We are still gathering information from a few Valleys regarding their 2020 dues details, as soon as we have resolved these issues, the 2020 dues balances will be inserted into Sentinel. A notice will be posted here when we are ready to perform the rollover to 2020 dues. If you have questions, please contact us!

Supreme Council Computer Services

Message Date: 6/24/2019

Brethren all,

Starting this 2020 cycle, an optional "Automatic Membership Renewal Program" for paying Dues through the Scottish Rite Member Portal is available. Your Valley will be informed by email of Members who sign up to participate. The transactions will be processed in August and the monies will be applied towards the 2020 dues year.

Members will get an email reminder a few days before the payment is processed.

As with any new program, there will be questions. Below, we have addressed the ones we anticipate to be the most common.

1. How will the system differentiate between Valleys with differing Dues?

The billing structure will not change as the result of the "Automatic Membership Renewal Program." Every Valley currently has a Control Page in Sentinel that displays its Dues structure. The billing system is programmed to use this Valley Dues structure information to calculate each members Dues. The "Automatic Membership Renewal Program" will debit a members credit or debit card at the appropriate time and amount, working, as it currently works, to calculate Dues.

2. How will the system handle those Valleys that have fewer than four Bodies or a Brother with memberships in multiple Valleys?

The "Automatic Membership Renewal Program" will work the same as it works today for online payments or payments by mail, except it will be automatic. It will automatically enroll the member in the proper Bodies of each Valley based on his personal Dues record in Sentinel.

3. Please explain the timeline from Dues payment to Supreme Council, and the transfer of the Valley funds, and the charge per member for the service. What amount of the Dues will be withheld and when will the Valley get the check?

How and when the Finance Office handles monies received from Members, and the amount withheld will remain unchanged from the current system.

This week, an email will be sent to Brothers who use the Scottish Rite Member Portal to introduce and explain the program.The text will read:


In direct response to input from our Brothers, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, SJ, has created an "Automatic Membership Renewal Program" to pay your annual Dues, giving you the option of having your dues automatically deducted from your credit or debit card using the online Scottish Rite Membership Portal.

This is a completely optional program and is available now by visiting and clicking on "MY VALLEY."

The automatic deduction will occur in August annually, and the payment will be applied to the following Dues year. You will receive an email reminder a few days prior to the payment being processed. Remember, you may opt out of the program at any time.

We hope this will help you avoid the "end-of-year" Masonic dues crunch that so many of us experience.


Dean Alban

Director of Membership Services

Message Date: 6/5/2019
Attention! Billing Valleys 2020 Dues Documentation Form Needed by June 18th, 2019 for the Annual Dues Rollover.

Please send your completed 2020 Dues Documentation Form to or call (202) 777-3115 if you need the 2020 Dues Form.

*Even if there are no changes we need to log and file a response for 2020 for your valley either by a clear email stating there are no changes for 2020 or by completing the 2020 Dues Documentation Form with your changes for 2020. Please Reply to: or call me if you have questions on any area of the Form.

Here are the Valleys that have not reported:


Message Date: 5/28/2019
The House of the Temple with be closed on Tuesday (5/28) due to the water being shut off at the Temple and surrounding neighborhood for water main repairs. The work is expected to be complete by the end of the day on Tuesday and we plan to be back at work at 7 am EDT on Wednesday. We will let you know if there are any changes.
Message Date: 5/14/2019

2020 Membership Cards

The print file for the 2020 cards was sent to the printer on May 9. The cards are in process this month and will be sent to all Valleys by June 30. This shipment will not include members added as initiates, reinstatements or affiliations after May 9. However, as in the past, Computer Services will print the remaining cards inhouse as soon as we receive our blank supply of 2020 plastic cards in June and will mail them to the Valleys. This applies to any new members added this year whose 2020 card was not in your June shipment.

Message Date: 4/28/2019

Online Dues Payment Emails and Sentinel Email Blasts

We recently upgraded the Sentinel Server. As a result, some of the database generated emails such as the notifications for online dues payments that go out to the Valleys and also email blasts created in Sentinel were not being sent. We believe that this issue has now been resolved and the emails that were stored on the server have all been released. Therefore, you may receive several emailed notifications all at one time.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.

The Sentinel Team

Message Date: 2/20/2019

2018 Annual Report

The 2018 Annual Report is available in Sentinel. Go to the Member tab and choose Supreme Council Reports. Look for Annual Alpha Member Listing, Annual Gains and Losses, and Annual Recapitulation. Click the file to open it.

Message Date: 1/14/2019


There are several restoration initiatives underway, and outreach to our members is being conducted on an on-going basis to restore membership of our lost Brothers. Below are the details of the 2 major programs currently being utilized.

1) Senior Restoration- Supreme Council Statutes allow the dues to be waived for any member of the Rite who is over age 80 and has a financial need. Currently we are contacting and reinstating members who were over age 80 when they were suspended between the years of 2014-Present. This is essentially a retroactive application of the existing statute. No doubt we will also find some of our older members have passed away, allowing us to provide support for widows and also to update our database. NO PER CAPITA will be charged to Valleys for members who are restored through this program.

2) Grand Commander’s Restoration Program- The 2018 GC Reinstatement Program has been extended into 2019. The program waives PAST dues for members who are a) 75 and under and b) have been suspended NPD for more than 3 years. The members need only to pay the current years dues to be in good standing. As in previous years, NO PER CAPITA will be charged for restored members who fail to pay the 2019 dues. As of January 1st, 2019, members who were suspended NPD in 2016 are eligible for this program.

Every possible effort is being made to ensure that ALL of the men reinstated under either of these programs are in good standing in their Blue Lodges. If it comes to our attention that a member has been restored who is NOT in good standing in his Blue lodge, we will remove him from the Scottish Rite rolls immediately, and make every effort to assist him in getting back in good standing in his Blue lodge.

These programs are being executed under the direction of the Supreme Council Membership Committee. Check with your Orient Deputy or SGIG to find out if your Orient is participating in the programs.

You should have already received a list of members of your Orient or Valley who are eligible for these two programs. If you did not receive those lists OR you have other questions, please email Maynard Edwards at

Supreme Council Membership Services

Message Date: 1/9/2019


To All Sentinel Users:

I have been instructed by the Grand Executive Director to remove all name prefixes in Sentinel except the following:



Illustrious Brother




The purpose for this is to maintain database integrity. Over the past forty years, the prefix list has grown to a point where there are currently 178 prefixes in the dropdown list. There is no consistency in formatting and many of the entries are obsolete or duplicated. This is causing database processing issues and must be corrected.

All prefixes that are not on the above list are being removed from the member records. From this point on, the prefixes listed above will be the only options available in the prefix dropdown menu in Sentinel. However, you can still enter prefixes in the “Preferred Name” field as needed such as “Dr.” and military rank.

I have begun the process for removing the prefixes that are not on the short list. Before I began, I created a spreadsheet containing the records to be updated. The list includes the member’s number, name, Valley, and prefix to be removed. I am happy to share your Valley’s list on request.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Your Sentinel Team

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